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Motor Club Benefits

Drive with AARP Roadside Assistance and drive with confidence. AARP Roadside Assistance provides 24-hour emergency roadside across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. It doesnít matter where you are, what car youíre in or whoís doing the driving, if you need help, we'll be there. From roadside service and towing to help with a lost ignition key, our motor club benefits provide round-the-clock peace of mind.

Plus, the Premier and Standard memberships provide customized maps and directions, auto-related legal fees reimbursement, repair referrals and much more! With the Premier and Standard memberships, you receive comprehensive auto club benefits and services, all at an affordable price.

Itís easy to compare the four plans and find the one thatís right for you. Select up to four boxes and click "Compare" for a quick side-by-side comparison.

Regular Annual Membership Fees
Premier Standard Premier Road 'N Tow Road 'N Tow
$84 Single
$94 Couple
$114 Family
$59 Single
$69 Couple
$89 Family
$83 Single
$83 Couple
$58 Single
$58 Couple

Couple membership for Premier & Standard:
Extend your single membership to one additional household member for only $10 per year.

Family membership for Premier & Standard: Add up to four of your dependent children, ages 16-25 who are living at home or away at school, for just $20. Family memberships are only available with our Premier and Standard memberships.