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RV Roadside Assistance Services

If you’re ever in need of RV Emergency Roadside Service, AARP Roadside Assistance has you covered. RV Emergency Roadside Service is available to all AARP Roadside Assistance Premier members.* With this extra coverage comes added peace of mind. Knowing RV roadside assistance is only a phone call away will help you drive with confidence, whether your next trip is across town or across the country.

Enroll today or call 1-800-555-1121 to upgrade your membership to Premier.

RV Emergency Roadside Service and More!

The RV roadside assistance plan from AARP Roadside Assistance provides RV coverage to all Class A, B, and C Motorhomes, as well as Travel, Fifth Wheel and Folding Camping Trailers.

  • Stalled or stranded? Just call our 24-hour toll-free AARP Roadside Assistance number. Our customer service representatives will set your RV roadside assistance plan in motion.

  • Need a jump start? Have a flat? Can't quite figure out what's wrong? Our emergency service providers can make minor roadside repairs to get you rolling again.

  • If your problem is due to loss of fluids, our service providers can even deliver oil, water, transmission, brake or power-steering fluid, and up to five gallons of fuel, at no additional cost to you.

  • Lost your keys? Locked out of your RV? A simple call to our 24-hour toll-free AARP Roadside Assistance phone number gets you help fast to unlock your door.

If RV roadside assistance service isn't enough, our service provider will tow your RV up to 100 miles at no additional charge. Additional mileage costs are charged at a pre-negotiated rate and are the responsibility of the member.

If, for some reason, we are unable to dispatch RV roadside assistance service when you call the toll-free number for service, we will provide an authorization number for reimbursement. We will reimburse you up to $260 for covered services you locate yourself.

If you need to pay for locksmith services, the plan will reimburse you up to $25 for Lost/Stolen Key Replacement and up to $130 for Lockout Service.

It doesn’t matter if you own, lease, rent or are just borrowing the RV you’re driving, RV Emergency Roadside Service will cover you and everyone enrolled in your Premier membership.

Of course, all your Premier Plan benefits can also be used while on the road in your RV.

*Eligibility for the Recreational Vehicle (RV) Emergency Roadside Service is limited to current Premier level members of AARP Roadside Assistance. AARP Roadside Assistance & RV Services are not renewable if membership in AARP® expires or is terminated. RV Emergency Roadside Service is not available to CA residents. RV Services are available to residents of other states when traveling in CA. To add RV Emergency Roadside Service to your existing AARP Roadside Assistance Premier membership, you must call the toll-free number provided above. This optional feature is currently not available online.

You may cancel for any reason at any time and receive a refund of the unused portion of your membership fees. Benefits and services are subject to change and to the terms and conditions found in the Membership Handbook.
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